about us

About Minty & Jaki 


The brand started with a creative process of a creativity course with a Brazilian artist based in Paris & Portugal, where we studied the particularities of an artist. During the process, my fascination for collections started to flourish again and it was at that point that I had the idea to create my own earrings collection.


After 3 months of that creative immersion, I gathered some inspiration and created 3 main pieces of earrings named after dear friends and of course, my own name. ⚡️


I always remember that back in Brazil, I would always look and buy from local earring artists & artisans to keep my collection diverse and colourful.


I am an immigrant, feminist, Latin, entrepreneur, photographer, creative, colourful, a fan of music & movies, and a collector of unusual objects. This is me. A mix of colours and all sorts of things. 🌈